Will Revenue of Ireland extend your iXBRL filing deadline?

20 Jul, 2016  Posted By Pramodh Vittal   Posted in Revenue

Companies registered for Corporation Tax must file the CT1 Corporation Tax return form on an annual basis.  Companies are also required to file their financial statements in iXBRL format through Revenue’s Online Services (ROS). The CT1 form and any balance … Continue reading


Importance of XBRL Implementation

20 Jul, 2016  Posted By admin   Posted in XBRL

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), as we all know it, is a globally accepted standard for exchanging business information. From the Regulator’s perspective, it is an interactive data format as against  the merely readable formats like HTML, PDF etc., that … Continue reading


Impact of New FRS for HMRC Filing

15 Jul, 2016  Posted By Balaji M   Posted in HMRC, XBRL
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While iXBRL conversions of financial statements and tax computations are now routine activities for corporation tax payers in UK, new challenges await filers in the latter half of this year. Ever since the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) came up with … Continue reading


XBRL Sustainable reporting brings accountability and transparency

07 Jul, 2016  Posted By BD_Team   Posted in XBRL

The flow of information from one point to another is important to keep the ecosystem intact, especially in the financial world. Regulators need it to regulate the enterprises; investors need it to analyze the enterprise’s performance and take an investment … Continue reading


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