Non-resident firm’s Obligation in Ireland

04 Sep, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland, Revenue

  The Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-02-08 has been revised recently through a brief on 9th July 2020 to add more details on the obligation of non-resident firms to submit specific points required. A copy of the related law, … Continue reading


Temporary VAT measures relating to Covid-19

14 Aug, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland
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  Revenue has been trying its best to implement as many measures as possible in order to help the people of Ireland tide over the Covid-19 crisis smoothly. With important measures being put in place to help the economy, a … Continue reading


COVID 19 crisis: Your filing challenges are addressed

10 Apr, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland
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The current crisis that has taken over the globe has had significant economic impact on companies and their seamless functioning. Business owners face pronounced administrative and financial burdens during this time. Compliance and payment of taxes is one such activity … Continue reading


The Language of Corporation Tax in Ireland

03 Jan, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland, iXBRL Tagging, Revenue
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    In Ireland, the liability of corporations to pay tax is pretty steep. But that is hardly the source of worry for most organizations operating out of that country. Complying with the various legislations enforced to file the tax … Continue reading


Taxation of Non- Resident Landlord – Part 2 of 2

18 Nov, 2019  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland, iXBRL
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  It is true that finding a suitable place to live once you arrive in Ireland is one of the most important first steps to getting settled. But what is more important is being aware of the landlord, and his … Continue reading


Ireland’s Corporation Tax and What It Bodes for Business

12 Apr, 2019  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in Ireland
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Ireland is increasingly being called the world’s biggest corporate tax haven. Wondering why? Well, Ireland’s open, transparent and welcoming tax regime, makes it an attractive location for global investments. The legislation of the country is conducive to the establishment of … Continue reading


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