Taxation of Non- Resident Landlord – Part 2 of 2

18 Nov, 2019  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland, iXBRL
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  It is true that finding a suitable place to live once you arrive in Ireland is one of the most important first steps to getting settled. But what is more important is being aware of the landlord, and his … Continue reading


Taxation of non- resident landlord – Part 1 of 2

07 Nov, 2019  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Tax
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  Ireland is and has always been a country where the demand for houses to rent exceeds supply. And when one is moving to Ireland, there are a number of factors that is important to be considered. One such very … Continue reading


Upcoming Changes for Non-UK Resident Companies with Property Income

19 Aug, 2019  Posted By admin   Posted in iXBRL

Significant changes are on the horizon for the ca. 22,000 non-UK resident company landlords that have UK property income. Specifically, from 6 April 2020, these companies will come into the charge of UK corporation tax and will no longer be … Continue reading


Making Tax Digital for VAT – Preparing Your First Return

04 Jul, 2019  Posted By Anuradha   Posted in MTD

On 1st April 2019, Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT went live. However, with many businesses still to file their first VAT return under MTD, is your business ready for MTD for VAT? Below are the few hints and tips … Continue reading


Country-by-Country reporting norms for MNEs

17 May, 2019  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in CbCR
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What is Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR)? More and more countries are requiring multinational enterprises (MNEs) to comply with the new model of tax reporting and compliance. MNEs are subject to multiple tax jurisdictions. Country-by-Country reporting requires all types of large multinational … Continue reading


Irish Corporation Tax and “No Deal” Brexit – A change in store?

12 Apr, 2019  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in Tax
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Is Brexit likely to change all of this? A valid question that seems to be lingering in most minds. In the light of Brexit, if Ireland is to remain attractive to multinational investment over the long term, it would need … Continue reading


Ireland’s Corporation Tax and What It Bodes for Business

12 Apr, 2019  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in Ireland
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Ireland is increasingly being called the world’s biggest corporate tax haven. Wondering why? Well, Ireland’s open, transparent and welcoming tax regime, makes it an attractive location for global investments. The legislation of the country is conducive to the establishment of … Continue reading


When Do they Accept Late Submission without Penalty for ACRA?

25 Jan, 2019  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in iXBRL

All private limited companies which are based in Singapore need to be compliant with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Annual filings are essential for active as well as dormant Singapore companies. If you fail to meet ongoing compliance requirements … Continue reading


Vital Changes Which You Need To Know About 2019 IFRS Update

25 Jan, 2019  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in IFRS

With the start of the new year, a number of changes and amendments of IFRS has been made. In this article, we cover all major changes and amendments which have been made in 2019- The new standard IFRS 9 Financial … Continue reading


The Financial Professionals Guide to Surviving XBRL in India

27 Dec, 2018  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in XBRL

XBRL(eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a language used for electronic communication in business reporting. It offers numerous advantages in preparation, analysis and communication of business details. XBRL ensures cost savings, enhances accuracy and reliability to all individuals who are using … Continue reading


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