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HMRC and iXBRL Tagging – What You Should Know

07 Dec, 2018  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in HMRC, iXBRL Tagging
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Many companies in the U.K. have their year-ends on either the 31 December or 31 March. This means that many businesses, especially those with December year-ends, will need to comply with HMRC filing deadlines within a matter of weeks. With … Continue reading


Who Could Use CATO to File Their Returns with HMRC in the UK?

10 Oct, 2018  Posted By Shabeer   Posted in HMRC
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In the ideal world, it wouldn’t cost businesses any money to file their annual tax returns and accounts with HMRC and Companies House, respectively. Luckily, for some companies, this dream is a reality thanks to the Company Accounts and Tax … Continue reading


Missed your Corporation Tax filing deadline with HMRC? You can still avoid late filing penalties

21 Sep, 2018  Posted By Shabeer   Posted in iXBRL
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Have you been issued a penalty notice from HMRC for not filing your corporate tax returns? Worry not. You may still be exempt from late filing penalties if you are victim to a valid, excusable reason. In the UK, companies … Continue reading


Revenue Ireland’s Corporation Tax Phase 2 iXBRL

26 Dec, 2014  Posted By Vergil   Posted in iXBRL
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This blog is a follow-up to our main article on Revenue Ireland’s iXBRL Project, which provided details of requirements mandated for iXBRL program. In this article we try to give you details regarding the rollout plan for filing of iXBRL … Continue reading


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