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Ireland: Companies in Liquidation

19 Jun, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Revenue
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  The Section 884 of the taxes Consolidation Act,1997 has stretched the meaning of a Corporation Tax return to also cover financial statements. This, added to the prevailing electronic filing of tax returns provides a legal framework for the compulsory … Continue reading


The Language of Corporation Tax in Ireland

03 Jan, 2020  Posted By Priyadarshini   Posted in Ireland, iXBRL Tagging, Revenue
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    In Ireland, the liability of corporations to pay tax is pretty steep. But that is hardly the source of worry for most organizations operating out of that country. Complying with the various legislations enforced to file the tax … Continue reading


What You Need to Know About iXBRL Tagging

14 Dec, 2018  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in iXBRL Tagging
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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is just one body across the world that requires companies to file their corporation tax returns and accounts in iXBRL format. This requirement has been in place for a number of years – specifically, … Continue reading


HMRC and iXBRL Tagging – What You Should Know

07 Dec, 2018  Posted By Thenvi Subin   Posted in HMRC, iXBRL Tagging
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Many companies in the U.K. have their year-ends on either the 31 December or 31 March. This means that many businesses, especially those with December year-ends, will need to comply with HMRC filing deadlines within a matter of weeks. With … Continue reading


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