Our People

Our employees

We pride ourselves on our people and our environment. We know that high quality service can only be provided by high quality people working in a high quality environment.

DataTracks nurtures an environment that attracts and retains high quality people:

  • Working environment. We provide a high quality work environment with climate controlled offices, working hours restricted to five days a week, eight hours a day and one calendar month’s leave per year
  • Code of Conduct. We have a published code of conduct that emphasizes ethics and fairness and we are an equal opportunities employer, proud of the diversity in our team.
  • Compensation. Our compensation practices are attractive within our economy and are linked to team/client objectives.
  • Employment contract. Every employee has a formal written employment contract that includes stipulations relating to confidentiality, conflict of interest, IP rights etc
  • Job Descriptions. Every manager has a written job description
  • Performance reviews. Every employee is subject to a bi-annual performance review.
  • Culture Code:
    • We obsess over customer's success
    • We obsess over excellence at work
    • We are a team first
    • We are totally transparent, We speak the truth and face the facts
    • We have autonomy to be effective
  • Qualifications. Our employees are qualified professionals. All our employees have at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and have very good oral and written English skills. Our employees are fully trained in our corporate culture, quality practices and security practices before engaging in any service delivery activity.
  • Experience. Our management team includes people who have lived and worked in the US and have held senior management positions, at a global level, in large-scale businesses.

Our accountants

Our accountants involved in managing accounting and XBRL processes for our clients have:

  • Qualifications. They have at least an undergraduate degree in accounting from an accredited university and are supervised by professional accountants who are members of accredited bodies of professional accountants.
  • Experience.Our accountants have working knowledge of
    • IFRS and US GAAP or UK GAAP / Irish GAAP
    • Business controls and reporting controls that apply to accounting processes
    • Spreadsheets and Word processors (as advanced users) and
    • Several off-the-shelf accounting systems
  • Expertise. Our XBRL professionals have expertise in working with various regulatory environments (SEC in USA, HMRC in UK etc.,); various accounting taxonomies and commercially available XBRL applications.