Why DataTracks

Track record in the United States:

We have nine years track record in the United States in preparing financial statements for filing with SEC in ASCII, HTML and XBRL formats. We prepare the filings for more than 800 companies and countless Mutual Funds in the United States. We have a track record of having prepared more than 200,000 regulatory filings in the last sixteen years.

Track record in the United Kingdom:

We are one of the earliest providers of managed tagging services "recognised" by HMRC for regulatory filings in iXBRL format.

Expertise in Accounting:

We have expertise in accounting taxonomies based on Irish GAAP, IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP and India GAAP.

Expertise in XBRL technology:

We use our proprietary XBRL tagging software developed in-house to prepare XBRL instance documents. We keep the tagging engine updated with changes in taxonomies. Our tagging engine is capable of preparing XBRL documents in several languages: English, Hindi, German, French etc.

Ease of use:

All our three services are easy to use.


You can switch over to a higher cost service any time by pressing a button. Our XBRL analysts would be happy to take over and complete the work for you.

Single point account manager:

Once you register, your account manager would contact you. He/She would help you all the way. You can contact him/her for all help required and enquiries.